pyarrow.compute.strftime(timestamps, /, format='%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S', locale='C', *, options=None, memory_pool=None)#

Format temporal values according to a format string.

For each input value, emit a formatted string. The time format string and locale can be set using StrftimeOptions. The output precision of the “%S” (seconds) format code depends on the input time precision: it is an integer for timestamps with second precision, a real number with the required number of fractional digits for higher precisions. Null values emit null. An error is returned if the values have a defined timezone but it cannot be found in the timezone database, or if the specified locale does not exist on this system.

timestampsArray-like or scalar-like

Argument to compute function.

formatstr, default “%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S”

Pattern for formatting input values.

localestr, default “C”

Locale to use for locale-specific format specifiers.

optionspyarrow.compute.StrftimeOptions, optional

Alternative way of passing options.

memory_poolpyarrow.MemoryPool, optional

If not passed, will allocate memory from the default memory pool.