pyarrow.compute.is_in(values, *, memory_pool=None, options=None, value_set, skip_nulls=False)

Find each element in a set of values.

For each element in values, return true if it is found in a given set of values, false otherwise. The set of values to look for must be given in SetLookupOptions. By default, nulls are matched against the value set, this can be changed in SetLookupOptions.

  • values (Array-like or scalar-like) – Argument to compute function

  • memory_pool (pyarrow.MemoryPool, optional) – If not passed, will allocate memory from the default memory pool.

  • options (pyarrow.compute.SetLookupOptions, optional) – Parameters altering compute function semantics

  • **kwargs (optional) – Parameters for SetLookupOptions constructor. Either options or **kwargs can be passed, but not both at the same time.