Serialization and IPC

Inter-Process Communication

ipc.open_file(source[, footer_offset]) Create reader for Arrow file format
ipc.open_stream(source) Create reader for Arrow streaming format
Message() Container for an Arrow IPC message with metadata and optional body
MessageReader() Interface for reading Message objects from some source (like an InputStream)
RecordBatchFileReader(source[, footer_offset]) Class for reading Arrow record batch data from the Arrow binary file format
RecordBatchFileWriter(sink, schema) Writer to create the Arrow binary file format
RecordBatchStreamReader(source) Reader for the Arrow streaming binary format
RecordBatchStreamWriter(sink, schema) Writer for the Arrow streaming binary format
read_message(source) Read length-prefixed message from file or buffer-like object
read_record_batch(obj, Schema schema) Read RecordBatch from message, given a known schema
get_record_batch_size(RecordBatch batch) Return total size of serialized RecordBatch including metadata and padding
read_tensor(NativeFile source) Read pyarrow.Tensor from pyarrow.NativeFile object from current position.
write_tensor(Tensor tensor, NativeFile dest) Write pyarrow.Tensor to pyarrow.NativeFile object its current position
get_tensor_size(Tensor tensor) Return total size of serialized Tensor including metadata and padding


serialize(value, …) EXPERIMENTAL: Serialize a Python sequence
serialize_to(value, sink, …) EXPERIMENTAL: Serialize a Python sequence to a file.
deserialize(obj, …) EXPERIMENTAL: Deserialize Python object from Buffer or other Python object supporting the buffer protocol
deserialize_components(components, …) Reconstruct Python object from output of SerializedPyObject.to_components
deserialize_from(source, base, …) EXPERIMENTAL: Deserialize a Python sequence from a file.
read_serialized(source[, base]) EXPERIMENTAL: Read serialized Python sequence from file-like object
SerializedPyObject Arrow-serialized representation of Python object