pyarrow.compute.binary_join_element_wise(*strings, memory_pool=None, options=None, null_handling='emit_null', null_replacement='')

Join string arguments into one, using the last argument as the separator.

Insert the last argument of strings between the rest of the elements, and concatenate them. Any null separator element emits a null output. Null elements either emit a null (the default), are skipped, or replaced with a given string.

  • *strings (Array-like or scalar-like) – Argument to compute function

  • memory_pool (pyarrow.MemoryPool, optional) – If not passed, will allocate memory from the default memory pool.

  • options (pyarrow.compute.JoinOptions, optional) – Parameters altering compute function semantics

  • **kwargs (optional) – Parameters for JoinOptions constructor. Either options or **kwargs can be passed, but not both at the same time.