pyarrow.orc.read_table(source, columns=None, filesystem=None)[source]#

Read a Table from an ORC file.

sourcestr, pyarrow.NativeFile, or file-like object

If a string passed, can be a single file name. For file-like objects, only read a single file. Use pyarrow.BufferReader to read a file contained in a bytes or buffer-like object.


If not None, only these columns will be read from the file. A column name may be a prefix of a nested field, e.g. โ€˜aโ€™ will select โ€˜a.bโ€™, โ€˜a.cโ€™, and โ€˜a.d.eโ€™. If empty, no columns will be read. Note that the table will still have the correct num_rows set despite having no columns.

filesystemFileSystem, default None

If nothing passed, will be inferred based on path. Path will try to be found in the local on-disk filesystem otherwise it will be parsed as an URI to determine the filesystem.