pyarrow.compute.ascii_split_whitespace(strings, /, *, max_splits=None, reverse=False, options=None, memory_pool=None)#

Split string according to any ASCII whitespace.

Split each string according any non-zero length sequence of ASCII whitespace characters. The output for each string input is a list of strings.

The maximum number of splits and direction of splitting (forward, reverse) can optionally be defined in SplitOptions.

stringsArray-like or scalar-like

Argument to compute function.

max_splitsint or None, default None

Maximum number of splits for each input value (unlimited if None).

reversebool, default False

Whether to start splitting from the end of each input value. This only has an effect if max_splits is not None.

optionspyarrow.compute.SplitOptions, optional

Alternative way of passing options.

memory_poolpyarrow.MemoryPool, optional

If not passed, will allocate memory from the default memory pool.