Buffers and Memory

In-Memory Buffers

Factory Functions

allocate_buffer(int64_t size, …[, resizable]) Allocate a mutable buffer.
py_buffer(obj) Construct an Arrow buffer from a Python bytes-like or buffer-like object
foreign_buffer(address, size[, base]) Construct an Arrow buffer with the given address and size, optionally backed by the Python base object.


Buffer() The base class for all Arrow buffers.
ResizableBuffer A base class for buffers that can be resized.


compress(buf[, codec, asbytes, memory_pool]) Compress data from buffer-like object.
decompress(buf[, decompressed_size, codec, …]) Decompress data from buffer-like object.

Memory Pools

MemoryPool() Base class for memory allocation.
default_memory_pool() Return the process-global memory pool.
total_allocated_bytes() Return the currently allocated bytes from the default memory pool.
set_memory_pool(MemoryPool pool)
log_memory_allocations([enable]) Enable or disable memory allocator logging for debugging purposes