pyarrow.compute.round_to_multiple(x, /, multiple=1.0, round_mode='half_to_even', *, options=None, memory_pool=None)#

Round to a given multiple.

Options are used to control the rounding multiple and rounding mode. Default behavior is to round to the nearest integer and use half-to-even rule to break ties.

xArray-like or scalar-like

Argument to compute function.

multiplenumeric scalar, default 1.0

Multiple to round to. Should be a scalar of a type compatible with the argument to be rounded.

round_modestr, default “half_to_even”

Rounding and tie-breaking mode. Accepted values are “down”, “up”, “towards_zero”, “towards_infinity”, “half_down”, “half_up”, “half_towards_zero”, “half_towards_infinity”, “half_to_even”, “half_to_odd”.

optionspyarrow.compute.RoundToMultipleOptions, optional

Alternative way of passing options.

memory_poolpyarrow.MemoryPool, optional

If not passed, will allocate memory from the default memory pool.