1 Preface

This cookbook aims to provide a number of recipes showing how to perform common tasks using arrow. This version of the cookbook works with arrow >= 6.0.0, but in future we will maintain different versions for the last few major R package releases.

1.1 What is Arrow?

Apache Arrow is a cross-language development platform for in-memory analytics.
The arrow R package provides a low-level interface to much of the functionality available in the C++ implementation, as well as a higher-level interface to the compute functionality via an implementation of the dplyr API.

1.2 Alternative resources

For a complete reference guide to the functions in arrow, as well as vignettes, see the pkgdown site.

If you have any requests for new recipes, please open a ticket via the cookbook’s GitHub Issues page.

If you have any Arrow feature requests to make or bugs to report, please open an issue on the project JIRA