pyarrow.feather.write_feather(df, dest, compression=None, compression_level=None, chunksize=None, version=2)[source]#

Write a pandas.DataFrame to Feather format.

dfpandas.DataFrame or pyarrow.Table

Data to write out as Feather format.


Local destination path.

compressionstr, default None

Can be one of {“zstd”, “lz4”, “uncompressed”}. The default of None uses LZ4 for V2 files if it is available, otherwise uncompressed.

compression_levelint, default None

Use a compression level particular to the chosen compressor. If None use the default compression level

chunksizeint, default None

For V2 files, the internal maximum size of Arrow RecordBatch chunks when writing the Arrow IPC file format. None means use the default, which is currently 64K

versionint, default 2

Feather file version. Version 2 is the current. Version 1 is the more limited legacy format