pyarrow.hdfs.connect(host='default', port=0, user=None, kerb_ticket=None, extra_conf=None)[source]#

DEPRECATED: Connect to an HDFS cluster.

All parameters are optional and should only be set if the defaults need to be overridden.

Authentication should be automatic if the HDFS cluster uses Kerberos. However, if a username is specified, then the ticket cache will likely be required.

Deprecated since version 2.0: pyarrow.hdfs.connect is deprecated, please use pyarrow.fs.HadoopFileSystem instead.

hostNameNode. Set to “default” for fs.defaultFS from core-site.xml.
portNameNode’s port. Set to 0 for default or logical (HA) nodes.
userUsername when connecting to HDFS; None implies login user.
kerb_ticketPath to Kerberos ticket cache.
extra_confdict, default None

extra Key/Value pairs for config; Will override any hdfs-site.xml properties



The first time you call this method, it will take longer than usual due to JNI spin-up time.