Architectural Overview#

A general overview of Apache Arrow project can be found on the front page and in the Apache Arrow Overview. You can also have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

For an Architectural Overview of Arrow’s libraries please refer to:

R package Architectural Overview#

Main parts of R package architecture: dplyr-*, dplyr-funcs*, tools, tests and src/.
  • The r/R/dplyr-* files define the verbs used in a regular dplyr syntax on Arrow objects.

  • The r/R/dplyr-funcs* files define bindings to Arrow C++ functions that can be used with already defined dplyr verbs.

  • All the C++ code connected to the R package lives in arrow/r/src. It also includes C++ code which connects libarrow (the Arrow C++ library) and the R code in package.

  • If the libarrow source package is bundled with R package using make sync-cpp command then it will be included in the r/tools/cpp folder.


  • The r/man directory includes generated R documentation that shouldn’t be updated directly but in the corresponding .R file.

  • The vignettes are “a long-form guide to the package” and can be found in r/vignettes.