What is Arrow?


Apache Arrow defines a language-independent columnar memory format for flat and hierarchical data, organized for efficient analytic operations on modern hardware like CPUs and GPUs. The Arrow memory format also supports zero-copy reads for lightning-fast data access without serialization overhead.

Learn more about the design or read the specification.


Arrow's libraries implement the format and provide building blocks for a range of use cases, including high performance analytics. Many popular projects use Arrow to ship columnar data efficiently or as the basis for analytic engines.

Libraries are available for C, C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Julia, MATLAB, Python, R, Ruby, and Rust. See how to install and get started.


Apache Arrow is software created by and for the developer community. We are dedicated to open, kind communication and consensus decisionmaking. Our committers come from a range of organizations and backgrounds, and we welcome all to participate with us.

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