Project and Product Names Using “Apache Arrow”

Organizations creating products and projects for use with Apache Arrow, along with associated marketing materials, should take care to respect the trademark in “Apache Arrow” and its logo. Please refer to ASF Trademarks Guidance and associated FAQ for comprehensive and authoritative guidance on proper usage of ASF trademarks.

Names that do not include “Apache Arrow” at all have no potential trademark issue with the Apache Arrow project. This is recommended.

Names like “Apache Arrow BigCoProduct” are not OK, as are names including “Apache Arrow” in general. The above links, however, describe some exceptions, like for names such as “BigCoProduct, powered by Apache Arrow” or “BigCoProduct for Apache Arrow”.

It is common practice to create software identifiers (Maven coordinates, module names, etc.) like “arrow-foo”. These are permitted. Nominative use of trademarks in descriptions is also always allowed, as in “BigCoProduct is a widget for Apache Arrow”.

Projects and documents that want to include a logo for Apache Arrow should use the official logo:

Projects Powered By Apache Arrow

To add yourself to the list, please open a pull request adding your organization name, URL, a list of which Arrow components you are using, and a short description of your use case.