Apache Arrow Community

We welcome participation from everyone and encourage you to join us, ask questions, and get involved.

All participation in the Apache Arrow project is governed by the Apache Software Foundation’s code of conduct.


Mailing lists

These arrow.apache.org mailing lists are for project discussion:

When emailing one of the lists, you may want to prefix the subject line with one or more tags, like [C++] why did this segfault?, [Python] trouble with wheels, etc., so that the appropriate people in the community notice the message.

You may also wish to subscribe to these lists, which capture some activity streams:

In addition, we have some “firehose” lists, which exist so that development activity is captured in email form for archival purposes.

Stack Overflow

For questions on how to use Arrow libraries, you may want to use the Stack Overflow tag apache-arrow in addition to the programming language. Some languages and subprojects may have their own tags (for example, pyarrow).

GitHub issues

We support GitHub issues as a lightweight way to ask questions and engage with the Arrow developer community. That said, we use JIRA for maintaining a queue of development work and as the public record for work on the project, and we use the mailing lists for development discussions, so to keep things in a single place, we prefer not to have lengthy discussions on GitHub issues.

If you know your question is actually a bug report or feature request, we encourage you to go straight to JIRA. If you’re not sure, feel free to make a GitHub issue to ask your question and we can triage/redirect your question there.


As mentioned above, we use JIRA for our issue tracker and GitHub for source control. See the contribution guidelines for more.