Apache Arrow ADBC 0.11.0 (Libraries) Release

Published 31 Mar 2024
By The Apache Arrow PMC (pmc)

The Apache Arrow team is pleased to announce the 0.11.0 release of the Apache Arrow ADBC libraries. This covers includes 36 resolved issues from 11 distinct contributors.

This is a release of the libraries, which are at version 0.11.0. The API specification is versioned separately and is at version 1.1.0.

The release notes below are not exhaustive and only expose selected highlights of the release. Many other bugfixes and improvements have been made: we refer you to the complete changelog.

Release Highlights

This release includes NuGet packages for C#.

The Flight SQL driver supports the session options and reuse-connection URI scheme recently added to the protocol.

Go packages now require Go 1.21 or later, as Go 1.20 is out of support. The Go drivers now use a common driver framework to make future maintenance easier.

Python wheels now include debug info to help investigate bug reports. Also, users of the DBAPI layer will find that the driver properly reacts to SIGINT/Control+C in more places.

The Snowflake driver now returns table constraints metadata.

The SQLite driver now supports temporary tables and more ingestion options.


$ git shortlog --perl-regexp --author='^((?!dependabot\[bot\]).*)$' -sn apache-arrow-adbc-0.10.0..apache-arrow-adbc-0.11.0
    39	David Li
     3	Matt Topol
     2	Dewey Dunnington
     2	davidhcoe
     1	Adnan Khan
     1	Bruce Irschick
     1	Joel Lubinitsky
     1	Julian Brandrick
     1	Ruoxuan Wang
     1	Ryan Syed
     1	vleslief-ms


We plan for the next release to be 1.0.0. We aim to have this out in late May 2024.

Getting Involved

We welcome questions and contributions from all interested. Issues can be filed on GitHub, and questions can be directed to GitHub or the Arrow mailing lists.