Apache Arrow ADBC 0.3.0 (Libraries) Release

Published 21 Mar 2023
By The Apache Arrow PMC (pmc)

The Apache Arrow team is pleased to announce the 0.3.0 release of the Apache Arrow ADBC libraries. This covers includes 24 resolved issues from 7 distinct contributors.

This is a release of the libraries, which are at version 0.3.0. The API specification is versioned separately and is at version 1.0.0.

The release notes below are not exhaustive and only expose selected highlights of the release. Many other bugfixes and improvements have been made: we refer you to the complete changelog.

Release Highlights

R bindings for the driver manager have been added, as well as an R package that repackages the SQLite driver.

The ADBC Flight SQL driver now supports transactions and executing Substrait plans. Also, it has had several bugs fixed, including setting timeouts and sending headers properly.

The Python ADBC packages now expose enums for driver-specific options. Also, the DBAPI layer now implements __del__ on objects to assist in cleaning up resources (though context managers are still recommended).

The ADBC JDBC driver now exposes more metadata about constraints via getObjects.


$ git shortlog --perl-regexp --author='^((?!dependabot\[bot\]).*)$' -sn apache-arrow-adbc-0.2.0..apache-arrow-adbc-0.3.0
    32	David Li
     5	Dewey Dunnington
     3	Matt Topol
     1	Dave Hirschfeld
     1	Jacob Marble
     1	Tornike Gurgenidze
     1	Will Jones


New extensions to the API specification have been proposed. These will be backwards-compatible and will become API specification 1.1.0. For details, see the mailing list discussion and the milestone tracking the proposed features.

Getting Involved

We welcome questions and contributions from all interested. Issues can be filed on GitHub, and questions can be directed to GitHub or the Arrow mailing lists.