Apache Arrow 0.10.0 Release

Published 07 Aug 2018
By Wes McKinney (wesm)

The Apache Arrow team is pleased to announce the 0.10.0 release. It is the product of over 4 months of development and includes 470 resolved issues. It is the largest release so far in the project’s history. 90 individuals contributed to this release.

See the Install Page to learn how to get the libraries for your platform. The complete changelog is also available.

We discuss some highlights from the release and other project news in this post.

Offical Binary Packages and Packaging Automation

One of the largest projects in this release cycle was automating our build and packaging tooling to be able to easily and reproducibly create a comprehensive set of binary artifacts which have been approved and released by the Arrow PMC. We developed a tool called Crossbow which uses Appveyor and Travis CI to build each of the different supported packages on all 3 platforms (Linux, macOS, and Windows). As a result of our efforts, we should be able to make more frequent Arrow releases. This work was led by Phillip Cloud, Kouhei Sutou, and Krisztián Szűcs. Bravo!

New Programming Languages: Go, Ruby, Rust

This release also adds 3 new programming languages to the project: Go, Ruby, and Rust. Together with C, C++, Java, JavaScript, and Python, we now have some level of support for 8 programming languages.

Upcoming Roadmap

In the coming months, we will be working to move Apache Arrow closer to a 1.0.0 release. We will continue to grow new features, improve performance and stability, and expand support for currently supported and new programming languages.