pyarrow.parquet.write_metadata(schema, where, version='1.0', use_deprecated_int96_timestamps=False, coerce_timestamps=None)[source]

Write metadata-only Parquet file from schema

  • schema (pyarrow.Schema) –
  • where (string or pyarrow.NativeFile) –
  • version ({"1.0", "2.0"}, default "1.0") – The Parquet format version, defaults to 1.0
  • use_deprecated_int96_timestamps (boolean, default False) – Write nanosecond resolution timestamps to INT96 Parquet format
  • coerce_timestamps (string, default None) – Cast timestamps a particular resolution. Valid values: {None, ‘ms’, ‘us’}
  • filesystem (FileSystem, default None) – If nothing passed, paths assumed to be found in the local on-disk filesystem