pyarrow.serialize(value, SerializationContext context=None)

DEPRECATED: Serialize a general Python sequence for transient storage and transport.

Deprecated since version 2.0: The custom serialization functionality is deprecated in pyarrow 2.0, and will be removed in a future version. Use the standard library pickle or the IPC functionality of pyarrow (see Streaming, Serialization, and IPC for more).


This function produces data that is incompatible with the standard Arrow IPC binary protocol, i.e. it cannot be used with ipc.open_stream or ipc.open_file. You can use deserialize, deserialize_from, or deserialize_components to read it.

  • value (object) – Python object for the sequence that is to be serialized.

  • context (SerializationContext) – Custom serialization and deserialization context, uses a default context with some standard type handlers if not specified.


serialized (SerializedPyObject)