Serialization and IPC

Inter-Process Communication

ipc.new_file(sink, schema, *[, …])

Create an Arrow columnar IPC file writer instance

ipc.open_file(source[, footer_offset])

Create reader for Arrow file format.

ipc.new_stream(sink, schema, *[, …])

Create an Arrow columnar IPC stream writer instance


Create reader for Arrow streaming format.


Read length-prefixed message from file or buffer-like object

ipc.read_record_batch(obj, Schema schema, …)

Read RecordBatch from message, given a known schema.

ipc.get_record_batch_size(RecordBatch batch)

Return total size of serialized RecordBatch including metadata and padding.


Read pyarrow.Tensor from pyarrow.NativeFile object from current position.

ipc.write_tensor(Tensor tensor, NativeFile dest)

Write pyarrow.Tensor to pyarrow.NativeFile object its current position.

ipc.get_tensor_size(Tensor tensor)

Return total size of serialized Tensor including metadata and padding.

ipc.IpcWriteOptions([metadata_version, …])

Serialization options for the IPC format.


Container for an Arrow IPC message with metadata and optional body


Interface for reading Message objects from some source (like an InputStream)

ipc.RecordBatchFileReader(source[, …])

Class for reading Arrow record batch data from the Arrow binary file format

ipc.RecordBatchFileWriter(sink, schema, *[, …])

Writer to create the Arrow binary file format


Reader for the Arrow streaming binary format.

ipc.RecordBatchStreamWriter(sink, schema, *)

Writer for the Arrow streaming binary format



The serialization functionality is deprecated in pyarrow 2.0, and will be removed in a future version. Use the standard library pickle or the IPC functionality of pyarrow (see Streaming, Serialization, and IPC).

serialize(value, …)

DEPRECATED: Serialize a general Python sequence for transient storage and transport.

serialize_to(value, sink, …)

DEPRECATED: Serialize a Python sequence to a file.

deserialize(obj, …)

DEPRECATED: Deserialize Python object from Buffer or other Python object supporting the buffer protocol.

deserialize_components(components, …)

DEPRECATED: Reconstruct Python object from output of SerializedPyObject.to_components.

deserialize_from(source, base, …)

DEPRECATED: Deserialize a Python sequence from a file.

read_serialized(source[, base])

DEPRECATED: Read serialized Python sequence from file-like object.


Arrow-serialized representation of Python object.