pyarrow.feather.write_feather(df, dest, compression=None, compression_level=None, chunksize=None, version=2)[source]

Write a pandas.DataFrame to Feather format.

  • df (pandas.DataFrame or pyarrow.Table) – Data to write out as Feather format.

  • dest (str) – Local destination path.

  • compression (string, default None) – Can be one of {“zstd”, “lz4”, “uncompressed”}. The default of None uses LZ4 for V2 files if it is available, otherwise uncompressed.

  • compression_level (int, default None) – Use a compression level particular to the chosen compressor. If None use the default compression level

  • chunksize (int, default None) – For V2 files, the internal maximum size of Arrow RecordBatch chunks when writing the Arrow IPC file format. None means use the default, which is currently 64K

  • version (int, default 2) – Feather file version. Version 2 is the current. Version 1 is the more limited legacy format