pyarrow.csv.read_csv(input_file, read_options=None, parse_options=None, convert_options=None, MemoryPool memory_pool=None)

Read a Table from a stream of CSV data.

  • input_file (string, path or file-like object) – The location of CSV data. If a string or path, and if it ends with a recognized compressed file extension (e.g. “.gz” or “.bz2”), the data is automatically decompressed when reading.

  • read_options (pyarrow.csv.ReadOptions, optional) – Options for the CSV reader (see pyarrow.csv.ReadOptions constructor for defaults)

  • parse_options (pyarrow.csv.ParseOptions, optional) – Options for the CSV parser (see pyarrow.csv.ParseOptions constructor for defaults)

  • convert_options (pyarrow.csv.ConvertOptions, optional) – Options for converting CSV data (see pyarrow.csv.ConvertOptions constructor for defaults)

  • memory_pool (MemoryPool, optional) – Pool to allocate Table memory from


pyarrow.Table – Contents of the CSV file as a in-memory table.