Driver Manager

The driver manager is a library that provides bindings to the ADBC C API. It delegates to dynamically-loaded drivers. This allows applications to use multiple drivers simultaneously, and decouple themselves from the specific driver.

The Python driver manager provides both low-level bindings that are essentially the same as the C API. If PyArrow is installed, it also provides high-level bindings that implement the DBAPI (PEP 249) standard.


pip install adbc_driver_manager


First create a AdbcDatabase, passing driver and (optionally) entrypoint. driver must be the name of a library to load, or the path to a library to load. entrypoint, if provided, should be the name of the symbol that serves as the ADBC entrypoint (see AdbcDriverInitFunc). Then, create a AdbcConnection.

import adbc_driver_manager
with adbc_driver_manager.AdbcDatabase(driver="adbc_driver_sqlite") as db:
    with adbc_driver_manager.AdbcConnection(db) as conn:

The Python bindings for each driver abstract these steps for you behind a convenient connect function.

API Reference

See the API reference: adbc_driver_manager.