Class Tensor


public final class Tensor extends
  • Constructor Details

    • Tensor

      public Tensor()
  • Method Details

    • ValidateVersion

      public static void ValidateVersion()
    • getRootAsTensor

      public static Tensor getRootAsTensor(ByteBuffer _bb)
    • getRootAsTensor

      public static Tensor getRootAsTensor(ByteBuffer _bb, Tensor obj)
    • __init

      public void __init(int _i, ByteBuffer _bb)
    • __assign

      public Tensor __assign(int _i, ByteBuffer _bb)
    • typeType

      public byte typeType()
    • type

      public type( obj)
      The type of data contained in a value cell. Currently only fixed-width value types are supported, no strings or nested types
    • shape

      public TensorDim shape(int j)
      The dimensions of the tensor, optionally named
    • shape

      public TensorDim shape(TensorDim obj, int j)
    • shapeLength

      public int shapeLength()
    • shapeVector

      public TensorDim.Vector shapeVector()
    • shapeVector

      public TensorDim.Vector shapeVector(TensorDim.Vector obj)
    • strides

      public long strides(int j)
      Non-negative byte offsets to advance one value cell along each dimension If omitted, default to row-major order (C-like).
    • stridesLength

      public int stridesLength()
    • stridesVector

      public stridesVector()
    • stridesVector

      public stridesVector( obj)
    • stridesAsByteBuffer

      public ByteBuffer stridesAsByteBuffer()
    • stridesInByteBuffer

      public ByteBuffer stridesInByteBuffer(ByteBuffer _bb)
    • data

      public Buffer data()
      The location and size of the tensor's data
    • data

      public Buffer data(Buffer obj)
    • startTensor

      public static void startTensor( builder)
    • addTypeType

      public static void addTypeType( builder, byte typeType)
    • addType

      public static void addType( builder, int typeOffset)
    • addShape

      public static void addShape( builder, int shapeOffset)
    • createShapeVector

      public static int createShapeVector( builder, int[] data)
    • startShapeVector

      public static void startShapeVector( builder, int numElems)
    • addStrides

      public static void addStrides( builder, int stridesOffset)
    • createStridesVector

      public static int createStridesVector( builder, long[] data)
    • startStridesVector

      public static void startStridesVector( builder, int numElems)
    • addData

      public static void addData( builder, int dataOffset)
    • endTensor

      public static int endTensor( builder)
    • finishTensorBuffer

      public static void finishTensorBuffer( builder, int offset)
    • finishSizePrefixedTensorBuffer

      public static void finishSizePrefixedTensorBuffer( builder, int offset)