Class TensorDim


public final class TensorDim extends
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Data structures for dense tensors Shape data for a single axis in a tensor
  • Constructor Details

    • TensorDim

      public TensorDim()
  • Method Details

    • ValidateVersion

      public static void ValidateVersion()
    • getRootAsTensorDim

      public static TensorDim getRootAsTensorDim(ByteBuffer _bb)
    • getRootAsTensorDim

      public static TensorDim getRootAsTensorDim(ByteBuffer _bb, TensorDim obj)
    • __init

      public void __init(int _i, ByteBuffer _bb)
    • __assign

      public TensorDim __assign(int _i, ByteBuffer _bb)
    • size

      public long size()
      Length of dimension
    • name

      public String name()
      Name of the dimension, optional
    • nameAsByteBuffer

      public ByteBuffer nameAsByteBuffer()
    • nameInByteBuffer

      public ByteBuffer nameInByteBuffer(ByteBuffer _bb)
    • createTensorDim

      public static int createTensorDim( builder, long size, int nameOffset)
    • startTensorDim

      public static void startTensorDim( builder)
    • addSize

      public static void addSize( builder, long size)
    • addName

      public static void addName( builder, int nameOffset)
    • endTensorDim

      public static int endTensorDim( builder)