Function arrow::compute::kernels::substring::substring

pub fn substring(
    array: &dyn Array,
    start: i64,
    length: Option<u64>
) -> Result<Arc<dyn Array>, ArrowError>
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Returns an ArrayRef with substrings of all the elements in array.


  • start - The start index of all substrings. If start >= 0, then count from the start of the string, otherwise count from the end of the string.

  • length(option) - The length of all substrings. If length is None, then the substring is from start to the end of the string.

Attention: Both start and length are counted by byte, not by char.

§Basic usage

let array = StringArray::from(vec![Some("arrow"), None, Some("rust")]);
let result = substring(&array, 1, Some(4)).unwrap();
let result = result.as_any().downcast_ref::<StringArray>().unwrap();
assert_eq!(result, &StringArray::from(vec![Some("rrow"), None, Some("ust")]));


§Example of trying to get an invalid utf-8 format substring

let array = StringArray::from(vec![Some("E=mc²")]);
let error = substring(&array, 0, Some(5)).unwrap_err().to_string();
assert!(error.contains("invalid utf-8 boundary"));