Function arrow::compute::sort_limit

pub fn sort_limit(
    values: &dyn Array,
    options: Option<SortOptions>,
    limit: Option<usize>
) -> Result<Arc<dyn Array>, ArrowError>
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Sort the ArrayRef partially.

If limit is specified, the resulting array will contain only first limit in the sort order. Any data data after the limit will be discarded.

Note: this is an unstable_sort, meaning it may not preserve the order of equal elements.


let array = Int32Array::from(vec![5, 4, 3, 2, 1]);

// Find the the top 2 items
let sorted_array = sort_limit(&array, None, Some(2)).unwrap();
assert_eq!(sorted_array.as_ref(), &Int32Array::from(vec![1, 2]));

// Find the bottom top 2 items
let options = Some(SortOptions {
                 descending: true,
let sorted_array = sort_limit(&array, options, Some(2)).unwrap();
assert_eq!(sorted_array.as_ref(), &Int32Array::from(vec![5, 4]));