Function arrow::compute::multiply_fixed_point_dyn

pub fn multiply_fixed_point_dyn(
    left: &dyn Array,
    right: &dyn Array,
    required_scale: i8
) -> Result<Arc<dyn Array>, ArrowError>
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Perform left * right operation on two decimal arrays. If either left or right value is null then the result is also null.

This performs decimal multiplication which allows precision loss if an exact representation is not possible for the result, according to the required scale. In the case, the result will be rounded to the required scale.

If the required scale is greater than the product scale, an error is returned.

This doesn’t detect overflow. Once overflowing, the result will wrap around.

It is implemented for compatibility with precision loss multiply function provided by other data processing engines. For multiplication with precision loss detection, use multiply_dyn or multiply_dyn_checked instead.