Function arrow::compute::and_not

pub fn and_not(
    left: &BooleanArray,
    right: &BooleanArray
) -> Result<BooleanArray, ArrowError>
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Performs AND_NOT operation on two arrays. If either left or right value is null then the result is also null.


This function errors when the arrays have different lengths.


let a = BooleanArray::from(vec![Some(false), Some(true), None]);
let b = BooleanArray::from(vec![Some(true), Some(true), Some(false)]);
let andn_ab = and_not(&a, &b).unwrap();
assert_eq!(andn_ab, BooleanArray::from(vec![Some(false), Some(false), None]));
// It's equal to and(left, not(right))
assert_eq!(andn_ab, and(&a, &not(&b).unwrap()).unwrap());