Function arrow::compute::and_kleene

pub fn and_kleene(
    left: &BooleanArray,
    right: &BooleanArray
) -> Result<BooleanArray, ArrowError>
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Logical ‘and’ boolean values with Kleene logic


This function behaves as follows with nulls:

  • true and null = null
  • null and true = null
  • false and null = false
  • null and false = false
  • null and null = null

In other words, in this context a null value really means "unknown", and an unknown value ‘and’ false is always false. For a different null behavior, see function "and".


let a = BooleanArray::from(vec![Some(true), Some(false), None]);
let b = BooleanArray::from(vec![None, None, None]);
let and_ab = and_kleene(&a, &b).unwrap();
assert_eq!(and_ab, BooleanArray::from(vec![None, Some(false), None]));


If the operands have different lengths