Class TypeLayout


public class TypeLayout extends Object
The buffer layout of vectors for a given type. It defines its own buffers followed by the buffers for the children if it is a nested type (Struct_, List, Union)
  • Constructor Details

    • TypeLayout

      public TypeLayout(List<BufferLayout> bufferLayouts, boolean isFixedBufferCount)
      Constructs a new TypeLayout.
      bufferLayouts - the individual BufferLayouts for the given type
      isFixedBufferCount - whether the number of buffers is fixed
    • TypeLayout

      public TypeLayout(List<BufferLayout> bufferLayouts)
    • TypeLayout

      public TypeLayout(BufferLayout... bufferLayouts)
    • TypeLayout

      public TypeLayout(boolean isFixedBufferCount, BufferLayout... bufferLayouts)
  • Method Details

    • getTypeLayout

      public static TypeLayout getTypeLayout(ArrowType arrowType)
      Constructs a new TypeLayout for the given arrowType.
    • getTypeBufferCount

      public static int getTypeBufferCount(ArrowType arrowType)
      Gets the number of BufferLayouts for the given arrowType.
    • getBufferLayouts

      public List<BufferLayout> getBufferLayouts()
      Returns the individual BufferLayouts for the given type.
    • getBufferTypes

      public List<BufferLayout.BufferType> getBufferTypes()
      Returns the types of each buffer for this layout. A layout can consist of multiple buffers for example a validity bitmap buffer, a value buffer or an offset buffer.
    • isFixedBufferCount

      public boolean isFixedBufferCount()
      Determines whether the buffer count is fixed for the given type.
      true if the buffer count is fixed, false otherwise
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      public String toString()
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      public int hashCode()
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    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object obj)
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