Interface RepeatedValueVector

All Superinterfaces:
AutoCloseable, Closeable, DensityAwareVector, Iterable<ValueVector>, ValueVector
All Known Implementing Classes:
BaseRepeatedValueVector, BaseRepeatedValueViewVector, LargeListVector, ListVector, ListViewVector, MapVector

public interface RepeatedValueVector extends ValueVector, DensityAwareVector
An abstraction representing repeated value vectors.

A repeated vector contains values that may either be flat or nested. A value consists of zero or more cells(inner values). Current design maintains data and offsets vectors. Each cell is stored in the data vector. Repeated vector uses the offset vector to determine the sequence of cells pertaining to an individual value.

  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • getOffsetVector

      @Deprecated UInt4Vector getOffsetVector()
      This API will be removed, as the current implementations no longer hold inner offset vectors.
      Get the offset vector.
      the underlying offset vector or null if none exists.
    • getDataVector

      ValueVector getDataVector()
      Get the data vector.
      the underlying data vector or null if none exists.