Interface DensityAwareVector

All Known Subinterfaces:
RepeatedValueVector, VariableWidthFieldVector, VariableWidthVector
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractContainerVector, AbstractStructVector, BaseLargeVariableWidthVector, BaseRepeatedValueVector, BaseRepeatedValueViewVector, BaseVariableWidthVector, BaseVariableWidthViewVector, DenseUnionVector, LargeListVector, LargeVarBinaryVector, LargeVarCharVector, ListVector, ListViewVector, MapVector, NonNullableStructVector, StructVector, UnionVector, VarBinaryVector, VarCharVector, ViewVarBinaryVector, ViewVarCharVector

public interface DensityAwareVector
Vector that support density aware initial capacity settings. We use this for ListVector and VarCharVector as of now to control the memory allocated.

For ListVector, we have been using a multiplier of 5 to compute the initial capacity of the inner data vector. For deeply nested lists and lists with lots of NULL values, this is over-allocation upfront. So density helps to be conservative when computing the value capacity of the inner vector.

For example, a density value of 10 implies each position in the list vector has a list of 10 values. So we will provision an initial capacity of (valuecount * 10) for the inner vector. A density value of 0.1 implies out of 10 positions in the list vector, 1 position has a list of size 1 and remaining positions are null (no lists) or empty lists. This helps in tightly controlling the memory we provision for inner data vector.

Similar analogy is applicable for VarCharVector where the capacity of the data buffer can be controlled using density multiplier instead of default multiplier of 8 (default size of average varchar length).

Also from container vectors, we propagate the density down the inner vectors so that they can use it appropriately.

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    setInitialCapacity(int valueCount, double density)
    Set value with density.
  • Method Details

    • setInitialCapacity

      void setInitialCapacity(int valueCount, double density)
      Set value with density.
      valueCount - the number of values in this vector
      density - the density of the vector