Class FlightSql.CommandStatementSubstraitPlan

All Implemented Interfaces:,,,, Serializable, FlightSql.CommandStatementSubstraitPlanOrBuilder
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public static final class FlightSql.CommandStatementSubstraitPlan extends implements FlightSql.CommandStatementSubstraitPlanOrBuilder

 Represents a Substrait plan. Used in the command member of FlightDescriptor
 for the following RPC calls:
  - GetSchema: return the Arrow schema of the query.
    Fields on this schema may contain the following metadata:
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:CATALOG_NAME      - Table's catalog name
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:DB_SCHEMA_NAME    - Database schema name
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:TABLE_NAME        - Table name
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:TYPE_NAME         - The data source-specific name for the data type of the column.
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:PRECISION         - Column precision/size
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:SCALE             - Column scale/decimal digits if applicable
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:IS_AUTO_INCREMENT - "1" indicates if the column is auto incremented, "0" otherwise.
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:IS_CASE_SENSITIVE - "1" indicates if the column is case-sensitive, "0" otherwise.
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:IS_READ_ONLY      - "1" indicates if the column is read only, "0" otherwise.
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:IS_SEARCHABLE     - "1" indicates if the column is searchable via WHERE clause, "0" otherwise.
  - GetFlightInfo: execute the query.
  - DoPut: execute the query.
Protobuf type arrow.flight.protocol.sql.CommandStatementSubstraitPlan
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