Class FlightSql.CommandPreparedStatementQuery.Builder

All Implemented Interfaces:,,,, Cloneable, FlightSql.CommandPreparedStatementQueryOrBuilder
Enclosing class:

public static final class FlightSql.CommandPreparedStatementQuery.Builder extends<FlightSql.CommandPreparedStatementQuery.Builder> implements FlightSql.CommandPreparedStatementQueryOrBuilder

 Represents an instance of executing a prepared statement. Used in the command member of FlightDescriptor for
 the following RPC calls:
  - GetSchema: return the Arrow schema of the query.
    Fields on this schema may contain the following metadata:
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:CATALOG_NAME      - Table's catalog name
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:DB_SCHEMA_NAME    - Database schema name
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:TABLE_NAME        - Table name
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:TYPE_NAME         - The data source-specific name for the data type of the column.
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:PRECISION         - Column precision/size
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:SCALE             - Column scale/decimal digits if applicable
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:IS_AUTO_INCREMENT - "1" indicates if the column is auto incremented, "0" otherwise.
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:IS_CASE_SENSITIVE - "1" indicates if the column is case-sensitive, "0" otherwise.
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:IS_READ_ONLY      - "1" indicates if the column is read only, "0" otherwise.
    - ARROW:FLIGHT:SQL:IS_SEARCHABLE     - "1" indicates if the column is searchable via WHERE clause, "0" otherwise.

    If the schema is retrieved after parameter values have been bound with DoPut, then the server should account
    for the parameters when determining the schema.
  - DoPut: bind parameter values. All of the bound parameter sets will be executed as a single atomic execution.
  - GetFlightInfo: execute the prepared statement instance.
Protobuf type arrow.flight.protocol.sql.CommandPreparedStatementQuery