Class FlightSql.CommandGetTableTypes.Builder

All Implemented Interfaces:,,,, Cloneable, FlightSql.CommandGetTableTypesOrBuilder
Enclosing class:

public static final class FlightSql.CommandGetTableTypes.Builder extends<FlightSql.CommandGetTableTypes.Builder> implements FlightSql.CommandGetTableTypesOrBuilder

 Represents a request to retrieve the list of table types on a Flight SQL enabled backend.
 The table types depend on vendor/implementation. It is usually used to separate tables from views or system tables.
 TABLE, VIEW, and SYSTEM TABLE are commonly supported.
 Used in the command member of FlightDescriptor for the following RPC calls:
  - GetSchema: return the Arrow schema of the query.
  - GetFlightInfo: execute the catalog metadata request.

 The returned Arrow schema will be:
  table_type: utf8 not null
 The returned data should be ordered by table_type.
Protobuf type arrow.flight.protocol.sql.CommandGetTableTypes