Class FlightSql.ActionCancelQueryRequest.Builder

All Implemented Interfaces:,,,, Cloneable, FlightSql.ActionCancelQueryRequestOrBuilder
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public static final class FlightSql.ActionCancelQueryRequest.Builder extends<FlightSql.ActionCancelQueryRequest.Builder> implements FlightSql.ActionCancelQueryRequestOrBuilder

 Request message for the "CancelQuery" action.

 Explicitly cancel a running query.

 This lets a single client explicitly cancel work, no matter how many clients
 are involved/whether the query is distributed or not, given server support.
 The transaction/statement is not rolled back; it is the application's job to
 commit or rollback as appropriate. This only indicates the client no longer
 wishes to read the remainder of the query results or continue submitting

 This command is idempotent.

 This command is deprecated since 13.0.0. Use the "CancelFlightInfo"
 action with DoAction instead.
Protobuf type arrow.flight.protocol.sql.ActionCancelQueryRequest
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