Class FlightServiceGrpc.FlightServiceBlockingStub

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public static final class FlightServiceGrpc.FlightServiceBlockingStub extends io.grpc.stub.AbstractBlockingStub<FlightServiceGrpc.FlightServiceBlockingStub>
A stub to allow clients to do synchronous rpc calls to service FlightService.
 A flight service is an endpoint for retrieving or storing Arrow data. A
 flight service can expose one or more predefined endpoints that can be
 accessed using the Arrow Flight Protocol. Additionally, a flight service
 can expose a set of actions that are available.
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    • build

      protected FlightServiceGrpc.FlightServiceBlockingStub build(io.grpc.Channel channel, io.grpc.CallOptions callOptions)
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      build in class io.grpc.stub.AbstractStub<FlightServiceGrpc.FlightServiceBlockingStub>
    • listFlights

      public Iterator<Flight.FlightInfo> listFlights(Flight.Criteria request)
       Get a list of available streams given a particular criteria. Most flight
       services will expose one or more streams that are readily available for
       retrieval. This api allows listing the streams available for
       consumption. A user can also provide a criteria. The criteria can limit
       the subset of streams that can be listed via this interface. Each flight
       service allows its own definition of how to consume criteria.
    • getFlightInfo

      public Flight.FlightInfo getFlightInfo(Flight.FlightDescriptor request)
       For a given FlightDescriptor, get information about how the flight can be
       consumed. This is a useful interface if the consumer of the interface
       already can identify the specific flight to consume. This interface can
       also allow a consumer to generate a flight stream through a specified
       descriptor. For example, a flight descriptor might be something that
       includes a SQL statement or a Pickled Python operation that will be
       executed. In those cases, the descriptor will not be previously available
       within the list of available streams provided by ListFlights but will be
       available for consumption for the duration defined by the specific flight
    • pollFlightInfo

      public Flight.PollInfo pollFlightInfo(Flight.FlightDescriptor request)
       For a given FlightDescriptor, start a query and get information
       to poll its execution status. This is a useful interface if the
       query may be a long-running query. The first PollFlightInfo call
       should return as quickly as possible. (GetFlightInfo doesn't
       return until the query is complete.)
       A client can consume any available results before
       the query is completed. See for details.
       A client can poll the updated query status by calling
       PollFlightInfo() with PollInfo.flight_descriptor. A server
       should not respond until the result would be different from last
       time. That way, the client can "long poll" for updates
       without constantly making requests. Clients can set a short timeout
       to avoid blocking calls if desired.
       A client can't use PollInfo.flight_descriptor after
       PollInfo.expiration_time passes. A server might not accept the
       retry descriptor anymore and the query may be cancelled.
       A client may use the CancelFlightInfo action with to cancel the running query.
    • getSchema

      public Flight.SchemaResult getSchema(Flight.FlightDescriptor request)
       For a given FlightDescriptor, get the Schema as described in Schema.fbs::Schema
       This is used when a consumer needs the Schema of flight stream. Similar to
       GetFlightInfo this interface may generate a new flight that was not previously
       available in ListFlights.
    • doGet

      public Iterator<Flight.FlightData> doGet(Flight.Ticket request)
       Retrieve a single stream associated with a particular descriptor
       associated with the referenced ticket. A Flight can be composed of one or
       more streams where each stream can be retrieved using a separate opaque
       ticket that the flight service uses for managing a collection of streams.
    • doAction

      public Iterator<Flight.Result> doAction(Flight.Action request)
       Flight services can support an arbitrary number of simple actions in
       addition to the possible ListFlights, GetFlightInfo, DoGet, DoPut
       operations that are potentially available. DoAction allows a flight client
       to do a specific action against a flight service. An action includes
       opaque request and response objects that are specific to the type action
       being undertaken.
    • listActions

      public Iterator<Flight.ActionType> listActions(Flight.Empty request)
       A flight service exposes all of the available action types that it has
       along with descriptions. This allows different flight consumers to
       understand the capabilities of the flight service.