Class Flight.SetSessionOptionsRequest

All Implemented Interfaces:,,,, Serializable, Flight.SetSessionOptionsRequestOrBuilder
Enclosing class:

public static final class Flight.SetSessionOptionsRequest extends implements Flight.SetSessionOptionsRequestOrBuilder

 EXPERIMENTAL: A request to set session options for an existing or new (implicit)
 server session.

 Sessions are persisted and referenced via a transport-level state management, typically
 RFC 6265 HTTP cookies when using an HTTP transport.  The suggested cookie name or state
 context key is 'arrow_flight_session_id', although implementations may freely choose their
 own name.

 Session creation (if one does not already exist) is implied by this RPC request, however
 server implementations may choose to initiate a session that also contains client-provided
 session options at any other time, e.g. on authentication, or when any other call is made
 and the server wishes to use a session to persist any state (or lack thereof).
Protobuf type arrow.flight.protocol.SetSessionOptionsRequest
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