Class Schema


public final class Schema extends
---------------------------------------------------------------------- A Schema describes the columns in a row batch
  • Constructor Details

    • Schema

      public Schema()
  • Method Details

    • ValidateVersion

      public static void ValidateVersion()
    • getRootAsSchema

      public static Schema getRootAsSchema(ByteBuffer _bb)
    • getRootAsSchema

      public static Schema getRootAsSchema(ByteBuffer _bb, Schema obj)
    • __init

      public void __init(int _i, ByteBuffer _bb)
    • __assign

      public Schema __assign(int _i, ByteBuffer _bb)
    • endianness

      public short endianness()
      endianness of the buffer it is Little Endian by default if endianness doesn't match the underlying system then the vectors need to be converted
    • fields

      public Field fields(int j)
    • fields

      public Field fields(Field obj, int j)
    • fieldsLength

      public int fieldsLength()
    • fieldsVector

      public Field.Vector fieldsVector()
    • fieldsVector

      public Field.Vector fieldsVector(Field.Vector obj)
    • customMetadata

      public KeyValue customMetadata(int j)
    • customMetadata

      public KeyValue customMetadata(KeyValue obj, int j)
    • customMetadataLength

      public int customMetadataLength()
    • customMetadataVector

      public KeyValue.Vector customMetadataVector()
    • customMetadataVector

      public KeyValue.Vector customMetadataVector(KeyValue.Vector obj)
    • features

      public long features(int j)
      Features used in the stream/file.
    • featuresLength

      public int featuresLength()
    • featuresVector

      public featuresVector()
    • featuresVector

      public featuresVector( obj)
    • featuresAsByteBuffer

      public ByteBuffer featuresAsByteBuffer()
    • featuresInByteBuffer

      public ByteBuffer featuresInByteBuffer(ByteBuffer _bb)
    • createSchema

      public static int createSchema( builder, short endianness, int fieldsOffset, int customMetadataOffset, int featuresOffset)
    • startSchema

      public static void startSchema( builder)
    • addEndianness

      public static void addEndianness( builder, short endianness)
    • addFields

      public static void addFields( builder, int fieldsOffset)
    • createFieldsVector

      public static int createFieldsVector( builder, int[] data)
    • startFieldsVector

      public static void startFieldsVector( builder, int numElems)
    • addCustomMetadata

      public static void addCustomMetadata( builder, int customMetadataOffset)
    • createCustomMetadataVector

      public static int createCustomMetadataVector( builder, int[] data)
    • startCustomMetadataVector

      public static void startCustomMetadataVector( builder, int numElems)
    • addFeatures

      public static void addFeatures( builder, int featuresOffset)
    • createFeaturesVector

      public static int createFeaturesVector( builder, long[] data)
    • startFeaturesVector

      public static void startFeaturesVector( builder, int numElems)
    • endSchema

      public static int endSchema( builder)
    • finishSchemaBuffer

      public static void finishSchemaBuffer( builder, int offset)
    • finishSizePrefixedSchemaBuffer

      public static void finishSizePrefixedSchemaBuffer( builder, int offset)