Class ListView


public final class ListView extends
Represents the same logical types that List can, but contains offsets and sizes allowing for writes in any order and sharing of child values among list values.
  • Constructor Details

    • ListView

      public ListView()
  • Method Details

    • ValidateVersion

      public static void ValidateVersion()
    • getRootAsListView

      public static ListView getRootAsListView(ByteBuffer _bb)
    • getRootAsListView

      public static ListView getRootAsListView(ByteBuffer _bb, ListView obj)
    • __init

      public void __init(int _i, ByteBuffer _bb)
    • __assign

      public ListView __assign(int _i, ByteBuffer _bb)
    • startListView

      public static void startListView( builder)
    • endListView

      public static int endListView( builder)