Class LargeListView


public final class LargeListView extends
Same as ListView, but with 64-bit offsets and sizes, allowing to represent extremely large data values.
  • Constructor Details

    • LargeListView

      public LargeListView()
  • Method Details

    • ValidateVersion

      public static void ValidateVersion()
    • getRootAsLargeListView

      public static LargeListView getRootAsLargeListView(ByteBuffer _bb)
    • getRootAsLargeListView

      public static LargeListView getRootAsLargeListView(ByteBuffer _bb, LargeListView obj)
    • __init

      public void __init(int _i, ByteBuffer _bb)
    • __assign

      public LargeListView __assign(int _i, ByteBuffer _bb)
    • startLargeListView

      public static void startLargeListView( builder)
    • endLargeListView

      public static int endLargeListView( builder)