Type Alias arrow::array::LargeStringArray

pub type LargeStringArray = GenericByteArray<GenericStringType<i64>>;
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A GenericStringArray of str using i64 offsets



// Create from Vec<Option<&str>>
let arr = LargeStringArray::from(vec![Some("foo"), Some("bar"), None, Some("baz")]);
// Create from Vec<&str>
let arr = LargeStringArray::from(vec!["foo", "bar", "baz"]);
// Create from iter/collect (requires Option<&str>)
let arr: LargeStringArray = std::iter::repeat(Some("foo")).take(10).collect();

Construction and Access

use arrow_array::LargeStringArray;
let array = LargeStringArray::from(vec![Some("foo"), None, Some("bar")]);
assert_eq!(array.value(2), "bar");

See GenericByteArray for more information and examples

Aliased Type§

struct LargeStringArray { /* private fields */ }