Type Alias arrow::array::Int32Array

pub type Int32Array = PrimitiveArray<Int32Type>;
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A PrimitiveArray of i32



// Create from Vec<Option<i32>>
let arr = Int32Array::from(vec![Some(1), None, Some(2)]);
// Create from Vec<i32>
let arr = Int32Array::from(vec![1, 2, 3]);
// Create iter/collect
let arr: Int32Array = std::iter::repeat(42).take(10).collect();

See PrimitiveArray for more information and examples

Aliased Type§

struct Int32Array {
    data_type: DataType,
    values: ScalarBuffer<i32>,
    nulls: Option<NullBuffer>,


§data_type: DataType§values: ScalarBuffer<i32>§nulls: Option<NullBuffer>