Class DefaultVectorComparators.DecimalComparator

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public static class DefaultVectorComparators.DecimalComparator extends VectorValueComparator<DecimalVector>
Default comparator for Decimal type. The comparison is based on values, with null comes first.
  • Constructor Details

    • DecimalComparator

      public DecimalComparator()
  • Method Details

    • compareNotNull

      public int compareNotNull(int index1, int index2)
      Description copied from class: VectorValueComparator
      Compare two values, given their indices. This is a fast path for comparing non-null values, so the caller must make sure that values at both indices are not null.
      Specified by:
      compareNotNull in class VectorValueComparator<DecimalVector>
      index1 - index of the first value to compare.
      index2 - index of the second value to compare.
      an integer greater than 0, if the first value is greater; an integer smaller than 0, if the first value is smaller; or 0, if both values are equal.
    • createNew

      public VectorValueComparator<DecimalVector> createNew()
      Description copied from class: VectorValueComparator
      Creates a comparator of the same type.
      Specified by:
      createNew in class VectorValueComparator<DecimalVector>
      the newly created comparator.