Integration Testing


Arrow uses Docker and docker-compose for integration testing. You can follow the installation instructions.

Docker images (services)

The docker-compose services are defined in the docker-compose.yml file. Each service usually correspond to a language binding or an important service to test with Arrow.

Services are configured with 2 local mounts, /arrow for the top-level source directory and /build for caching build artifacts. The source level directory mount can be paired with git checkout to test a specific commit. The build mount is used for caching and sharing state between staged images.

  • c_glib: Builds the GLib bindings

  • cpp: Builds the C++ project

  • go: Builds the go project

  • java: Builds the Java project

  • js: Builds the Javascript project

  • python: Builds the python bindings

  • r: Builds the R bindings

  • rust: Builds the rust project

  • lint: Run various lint on the C++ sources

  • iwyu: Run include-what-you-use on the C++ sources

  • clang-format: Run clang-format on the C++ sources, modifying in place

  • clang-tidy: Run clang-tidy on the C++ sources, outputting recommendations

  • docs: Builds this documentation

You can build and run a service by using the build and run docker-compose sub-command, e.g. docker-compose build python && docker-compose run python. We do not publish the build images, you need to build them manually. This method requires the user to build the images in reverse dependency order. To simplify this, we provide a Makefile.

# Build and run manually
docker-compose build cpp
docker-compose build python
docker-compose run python

# Using the makefile with proper image dependency resolution
make -f Makefile.docker python