Class NettyAllocationManager


public class NettyAllocationManager extends AllocationManager
The default implementation of AllocationManager. The implementation is responsible for managing when memory is allocated and returned to the Netty-based PooledByteBufAllocatorL.
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      public static final AllocationManager.Factory FACTORY

      public static final int DEFAULT_ALLOCATION_CUTOFF_VALUE
      The default cut-off value for switching allocation strategies. If the request size is not greater than the cut-off value, we will allocate memory by PooledByteBufAllocatorL APIs, otherwise, we will use PlatformDependent APIs.
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    • memoryAddress

      protected long memoryAddress()
      Description copied from class: AllocationManager
      Return the absolute memory address pointing to the fist byte of underlying memory chunk.
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      memoryAddress in class AllocationManager
    • release0

      protected void release0()
      Description copied from class: AllocationManager
      Release the underlying memory chunk.
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      release0 in class AllocationManager
    • getSize

      public long getSize()
      Returns the underlying memory chunk size managed.

      NettyAllocationManager rounds requested size up to the next power of two.

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      getSize in class AllocationManager
      size of underlying memory chunk