Class Feature


public final class Feature extends Object
Represents Arrow Features that might not have full support within implementations. This is intended to be used in two scenarios: 1. A mechanism for readers of Arrow Streams and files to understand that the stream or file makes use of a feature that isn't supported or unknown to the implementation (and therefore can meet the Arrow forward compatibility guarantees). 2. A means of negotiating between a client and server what features a stream is allowed to use. The enums values here are intented to represent higher level features, additional details maybe negotiated with key-value pairs specific to the protocol. Enums added to this list should be assigned power-of-two values to facilitate exchanging and comparing bitmaps for supported features.
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      public static final long UNUSED
      Needed to make flatbuffers happy.
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      public static final long DICTIONARY_REPLACEMENT
      The stream makes use of multiple full dictionaries with the same ID and assumes clients implement dictionary replacement correctly.
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      public static final long COMPRESSED_BODY
      The stream makes use of compressed bodies as described in Message.fbs.
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