The rust executor and scheduler can be configured using toml files, environment variables and command line arguments. The specification for config options can be found in rust/ballista/src/bin/[executor|scheduler]_config_spec.toml.

Those files fully define Ballista’s configuration. If there is a discrepancy between this documentation and the files, assume those files are correct.

To get a list of command line arguments, run the binary with --help

There is an example config file at ballista/rust/ballista/examples/example_executor_config.toml

The order of precedence for arguments is: default config file < environment variables < specified config file < command line arguments.

The executor and scheduler will look for the default config file at /etc/ballista/[executor|scheduler].toml To specify a config file use the --config-file argument.

Environment variables are prefixed by BALLISTA_EXECUTOR or BALLISTA_SCHEDULER for the executor and scheduler respectively. Hyphens in command line arguments become underscores. For example, the --scheduler-host argument for the executor becomes BALLISTA_EXECUTOR_SCHEDULER_HOST